What To Consider When Building A Roof For An Addition

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Are you ready to add an addition to your home, but have realized that you now have a problem with how to handle the roof? Here are some things to consider to help ensure that your new roof blends in with your old roof.  

Match Colors And Materials

The easiest way to handle a new roof that's connected to the old one is to purchase new roofing materials that match the existing roof's color and materials. This may be easier said than done based on the age, condition, and type of roofing material already on your home. It is still possible to create an addition with a roof that matches fairly well since those new roofing materials will age over time. There may be a contrast at first, but it will go away and start to blend.

Match Style And Pitch

Even if the roof is not connected, it's important that the new roof matches the existing roof's pitch and style. This allows it to feel like a natural addition to your home that was always there. While it may be tempting to add an addition with a vaulted ceiling, know that it can throw off the cohesiveness and potentially stand out in a bad way. It also matters where the addition is located and if you can easily see both roofs together.

Use Eaves And Dormers

If the new addition doesn't line up perfectly with the existing home, then you can use eaves and dormers to join the two together in a creative way that creates visual interest and dimension. It's even possible for the design to look intentional by using eaves and dormers, which helps it all blend together in the exact way that you are looking for. There won't be a need for a perfectly even transition anymore, which means it doesn't have to look perfect in terms of matching shingle materials. 

Use Methods That Hide The Roof Transition

It's always possible to hide the roof's transition so that you cannot easily see it. This can be done by planting a tree in a spot that will grow and cover up the area where the two roofs come together, so you will only really see the seam if you are on the roof. Another consideration is to use accents on your roof that draw your attention to them rather than any potential seam that can look a bit off.

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