Installing Marble Countertops In Your Kitchen

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There are numerous materials that you can choose for your new countertops, but marble can be one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices that a homeowner can make. Unfortunately, there are several marble countertop assumptions that people may easily make.

Assumption: Marble Countertops Are Not An Economical Choice 

Any countertops that you choose for your home will be a major investment. Unfortunately, some individuals may assume that the slightly higher cost of marble countertops will make them an option that is not economical. However, the extreme durability of marble countertops can lead to them lasting significantly longer than vinyl or other more affordable options. As a result, the homeowner may be far less likely to need to have the countertops replaced in the near future.

Assumption: Marble Countertops Are Hard Enough To Use As Cutting Surfaces

While marble countertops are extremely strong and durable, you should be aware that these surfaces are not capable of being used as cutting surfaces. The blade of your knife could be sharp enough to leave scratches in the finish of the marble. In addition to compromising the look of the marble countertops, these cuts could also trap food particles, which may make the countertop less sanitary. Once these cuts have formed, the entire marble countertop may have to be refinished to remove these marks, but this can be easily avoided by simply using a cutting board each time that you need to cut anything.

Assumption: Marble Countertops Are Difficult To Keep Free Of Stains

Staining can be another common issue for countertops. Unfortunately, this is particularly common for kitchen countertops due to the ease of accidentally spilling substances on them. Fortunately, marble is fairly resistant to the development of stains. This is owed to the high-quality finish that is used on marble kitchen countertops. These finishes will include a durable sealant that will be able to protect the countertops for many years.

In the unlikely event that your marble countertops do develop a stain, you may be able to restore them by having the countertops refinished. This may involve removing the current finish and even sanding the top layer of the marble before applying an entirely new finish. After the refinishing process is complete, your marble countertops will be fully restored to their original appearance. In addition to effectively restoring your marble countertops, refinishing them will also be far more affordable than replacing them with an entirely new set of kitchen countertops.

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