4 Ways To Illuminate Your Bathroom Without Sacrificing Privacy

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A bathroom that lacks lighting can make it harder to use the space efficiently. For instance, your family may need ample light to do their entire beauty routine in the morning and evening. By investing in several remodeling projects, you can bring in lighting your family wants and needs. Getting help with specific additions and improvements will keep you from sacrificing privacy.

Frosted Windows

Installing new windows can bring natural light into your bathroom. However, you may know that a window will also allow drivers, neighbors, and pedestrians to see inside the room. This makes it important to get frosted windows that reduce visibility enough to maintain privacy.

You will need to decide how frosted you want each window. For instance, you can get a heavy frosting that provides maximum privacy but blocks more sunlight in the process.

When installing new windows, you can also prioritize small windows in areas where you only need minimal frosting for your family to feel comfortable.


Living in a single-story home lets you install skylights on the bathroom ceiling. This project is worth considering because it will give you natural light without any privacy concerns.

A major benefit of skylights is that they provide the most sunlight in the middle of the day when you are not getting direct sunlight from your standard windows. So, you will appreciate the balance that both skylights and windows combine in illuminating the room throughout the day.


Although skylights and windows are useful during the day, you will still need lighting at night and on gloomy days. So, you can install light fixtures in the bathroom to satisfy family needs.

Recessed lights that span the entire bathroom will provide enough general lighting. You can then add lighting by the vanity to help with beauty routines. A clever option is to install an LED light strip around the mirror to provide maximum brightness and clarity for using the mirror.


While the sun and light bulbs may provide the lighting, you can boost it with mirrors. An oversized bathroom vanity mirror will increase brightness during the day and night. Filling the entire wall with a huge mirror also makes it easier for multiple people to use the vanity.

Giving up privacy is something you may not be willing to do to illuminate your bathroom. Fortunately, you can work on these projects to get all the lighting you need.

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