What You Should Know About Quartz Countertops

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When it comes to a home remodel, there are many decisions to make, including finding the right countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home. Many countertop styles and materials may work for your home, but quartz counters are an excellent fit for many spaces. In addition, quartz counters are durable enough for a busy household but still look beautiful. If you are thinking about quartz countertops, here's what you need to know.

How They Are Made

The first thing to know about quartz counters is that they are made of ground quartz and polyester resins. Metallic pieces and recycled glass may also be in the mix to add interest to quartz counters. Since quartz counters are manufactured, they come in various styles, patterns, and shades. Quartz countertops look like natural stone, but quartz being engineered means you can get uniformity when it comes to your countertops. With quartz, you won't have to worry about two slabs not matching up like you would with natural stone like granite or marble. 

What They Cost

When on the market for countertops, your budget will play a crucial role in your decision-making. Quartz countertops are comparable in price to natural stone options. With installation, you will pay between $60 and $90 per square foot for quartz counters. While installing quartz counters can be pricey, they are cost-effective due to their durability. Quartz counters are tough and will last for years. Once you put quartz in, you won't need new countertops for years. Quartz counters are an excellent investment for homeowners looking for an option that lasts a long time.

They Are Heavy

Since quartz countertops are made of quartz and resin, they are just as heavy as natural stone options. While you may be able to install some countertops on your own, quartz installation is typically best left to a professional installer. Going with professional installation will reduce the appearance of seams if your kitchen requires more than one section of countertop. Using a professional also reduces the risk of your quartz counters breaking during the installation.

Quartz counters offer a lot in terms of beauty and durability, but there are a few things to know before installing them. First, quartz is manufactured, meaning there are numerous options to consider. Second, quartz counters can get pricey, but they are a cost-effective option since they last a long time. Finally, quartz is just as heavy as natural stone, and a professional installation is a good idea.