3 Tips For Including Plants In A Bathroom Remodel

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Remodeling your bathroom should give you plenty of options for making the space feel like an open and inviting place to spend time in. If you're curious about adding greenery and want to incorporate plants with the remodel, here are several projects to consider.

When your goal is to bring in plants to make your bathroom feel like an extension of the outdoors and enjoy fresh air, you'll benefit from the following updates.

Include Wall Shelves

Having a proper space for potted plants can be as straightforward as installing wall shelving. If you have limited counter space with only a pedestal sink or vanity, adding shelves can be helpful in giving your plants space to shine.

Watering and draining the pots should be easy, making it vital to hang the shelving in an area that is accessible from the sink. Besides considering the ease of watering, you'll need the shelves to receive natural light from your windows.

Careful consideration of installing the shelves can make it easier to place potted plants that will thrive in the bathroom.

Bring in Natural Light

A part of remodeling the bathroom that can be expensive but makes a significant difference is to bring in more light. Replacing a smaller window in the bathroom can be costly but should make a big difference in how much light is brought in after it's installed.

Checking out your options for windows and what will bring in plenty of natural light can allow your bathroom to have the light that is essential for your plants to thrive in.

Make Watering Simple

Along with choosing shelving that makes watering your plants simple, it's also a good idea to look for projects that make the task easier. A spray attachment for your shower can make watering plants easy since you won't need to take down plants before watering.

Designing the bathroom around the square footage and the bathroom's layout can ensure that watering your plants won't be too time-consuming of a task. You may even opt for having windows installed that can open to allow plants to sit on a ledge and enjoy natural rainfall when possible.

With the goal of remodeling your bathroom, you'll need to see what features to include and what can make taking care of plants so much easier. Having a lot of greenery in your bathroom can be easier when you choose projects while remodeling that will make taking care of plants a task you'll look forward to. 

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