3 Tips For Matching Hardware To Your New Cabinets

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After installing brand new kitchen cabinets, you might be thinking about adding a little sparkle to those doors in the form of drawer pulls or knobs. Drawer and door pulls make cabinets easier to use by creating an easy-to-grab handle. However, it can be tricky to narrow down your selection, especially when there are so many available models on the market. Here are three tips for matching this hardware to your new cabinets.

Create Contrast with Colors

One easy way to make your cabinets and the hardware on them pop is by using contrasting colors between the surface of the cabinet and the drawer pull. For instance, if you install white painted cabinets, adding matte black hardware is a great way to create a sleek, beautiful look for your kitchen.

To choose a contrasting color for your cabinets, evaluate the color, and look for a metallic or painted knob that is opposite the hue or shade you have chosen. If you have light cabinets, dark hardware looks great, such as oil-rubbed bronze pieces. Likewise, if you have cabinets that are stained or painted a dark color, choose lighter hardware, such as satin-finished nickel pulls.

Take Notes from Nearby Items

Instead of thinking a lot about the cabinets, take your hardware cues from nearby hardware, appliances, light fixtures, or kitchen decorations. For instance, if your house is decorated with ornate wrought-iron hardware items, adding wrought iron drawer pulls is a great way to tie everything together.

Additionally, think about taking cues from nearby shapes. If you have a square backsplash, chunkier, square hardware can really look great on your cabinets. Likewise, round, curvy hardware looks great if you have lots of circular windows or round backsplash tiles in your home.

Let the Cabinets Stand Out

If you want to highlight your new cabinets instead of focusing so much on the hardware, think about installing minimalistic hardware. For instance, some hardware pieces are simple pieces of L-shaped metal designed to poke out slightly from the sides of the cabinet door, giving you a quick place to grab—without taking up a lot of visual space. As a result, your cabinets will retain their beauty, and you won't have to worry about interfering with aesthetics.

After you have narrowed down your cabinet hardware, consider either picking up a cabinet hardware template or working with a professional carpenter. Templates make it easy to screw the holes in the proper place for your individual doors, and professionals with years of experience installing knobs and hardware know how to protect your cabinets while taking care of your kitchen.

For more information, contact a kitchen cabinet service in your area.