When To Consider Installing New Custom Cabinets

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Custom cabinets are specially designed to fit into your kitchen, allowing you to exactly choose their size and layout to fit your cooking and storage needs. Understanding a few of the different signs associated with older and worn-out cabinets that are currently installed within your kitchen can help make it clear to you when you should talk to a remodeling contractor about installing new cabinets in your kitchen.

Worn Appearance and Water Damage

The first thing that you should watch out for when determining if you should upgrade your current cabinetry in your kitchen is the appearance. Any sort of faded or chipping paint, wood that looks visibly worn down and damaged, and especially water damage or stained sections of your cabinets are all clear signs that you should consider replacing your cabinets with new models. This is especially important if you are thinking about renting or selling your property: the cabinets make up a huge amount of visual space in your kitchen, the largest after your countertops, and their poor appearance can make your home less appealing to potential tenants. This is especially true if other areas of your kitchen have been remodeled and upgraded recently as well, as those upgrades will only make your older and worn-out cabinets stick out even more. 

Operational Issues

In a related vein to the above point, one of the clearest signs that you are overdue for a cabinetry upgrade in your kitchen is if you have trouble using your current cabinets. The damage and wear that causes aesthetic issues, especially water damage, can lead to functional issues down the road. Struggling to open or close your cabinet doors, hinges that do not support the door properly, or damaged or uneven shelving that makes it harder to store your dishes inside are all examples of glaring issues that should be resolved through the installation of brand-new cabinets. 

Kitchen Restructuring 

Finally, the last sign that you should have new custom cabinets installed in your kitchen is a little more subjective, but nevertheless still very important. Do you find that your kitchen is currently hard to work in? If you find that your work space is cramped, you have to dig through cabinets to find the dishes that you want, and your countertops are cluttered and messy because you simply do not have enough storage space, then you should seriously consider custom cabinets. This allows you to completely alter the layout of your kitchen, maximizing your usable storage space and making your life much easier while cooking.