Six Tricks for Getting a Little More from a Home Design Consultation

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A home design consultation is a great opportunity to improve your home's appearance and functionality. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare so that you optimize the experience of working with a home design consultant.

The following are six great tricks to use to get more from home design consultation services:

Bring along some examples of your own.

You'll be better able to describe your desires and goals if you bring along some resources. It's a good idea to look through catalogs, magazines, and other home decor resources to find some examples of looks you'd like to see in your home design. One important thing you can do to prepare for and facilitate the efficiency of your consultation is bring along visual examples of designs you like.

Make a list of the things your designs must have.

Another thing you can do to make your consultation more efficient is put together a list of all the needs that must be met by your design consultant. Consider what amenities and design accents you'd like to have in all of your interiors. Thinking about your needs beforehand and making a list will make it easier for you to communicate directly and clearly about what you want in your home designs.

Know what your overall style is before you get started.

It helps to pinpoint some basic descriptive terms for what design style you're looking to have in your home's interiors. Think about whether you prefer a traditional or modern look. Also, consider whether you'd like any particular regional themes like a southern, Mediterranean, or western style in your home's design. This can make it easier for your consultant to come up with designs that will readily appeal to you. 

Think ahead to everyday living in your new home.

Make sure you don't overlook practical details when it comes to creating a design for your home. Practical details include the placement of your appliances and needed furniture pieces. You also need to plan for adequate storage areas and efficient HVAC system operation.

Have your service agreement resolved beforehand.

As much as possible, you should try to work out what services will be included in your design consultation and how much these services will cost beforehand. This way, you can focus entirely on your home and the design process during your consultation. 

Brainstorm some important questions to ask.

Asking your design consultant questions can help you explore the options. List questions about not only design factors but also practical factors like how long the design and installation process will take and how much the final costs will be.