3 Tips For Adding Farmhouse Style To Your Kitchen Cabinets

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No matter if you live in a townhouse, brick estate, or mobile home, you can incorporate the farmhouse style into your decorating. Characterized by antiques, distressed finishes, and rustic accents, farmhouse interior design adds a casual, yet trendy, look to any room of your house. Thankfully, farmhouse design can also be found in your kitchen cabinets with the right planning and execution. Here are a few simple tips to add the farmhouse element into your kitchen cabinets.


Farmhouse interior design does not usually center on color, since neutral tones are most prominent with this style. However, the color of your kitchen cabinets can help you achieve the look you are hoping to create.

Many homeowners, builders, and designers are choosing to include the neutral colors in their cabinets, as well. Bisque or cream cabinets add a soft touch to your kitchen that complements other farmhouse accents and accessories.

If preferred, add a hint of color to your kitchen without overwhelming the entire room. Sage, which is a light green color, is a great option because it is muted and airy, working well with other elements of your farmhouse kitchen. Grey is also a smart color because it adds a modern feel to a more antiquated design style of your farmhouse kitchen.


Texture is key in farmhouse decorating, too, but you may not understand how to add different finishes to your cabinetry.

Consider shiplap to cover certain sides of your cabinetry to add texture. Shiplap is thin pieces of wood, which can be installed vertically or horizontally across the sides or back of your cabinets. Shiplap can be painted in a color that you choose, but most people prefer the classic white color. You can also paint the shiplap to match the color of your cabinets, adding texture without adding more color.

Reclaimed wood is another trend many people are using. Old wood boards reclaimed from an old building or barn can be installed on areas of your cabinets to add rustic style and texture that aligns with farmhouse decorating.


Finally, visit local thrift stores and antique shops to find old, distressed accents for your cabinets. Antique drawer pulls and knobs can be installed on new cabinets to enhance your farmhouse kitchen's look. Look for other antiques, such as light fixtures, kitchen scales, dinner bells, and even cookbooks to arrange in your farmhouse kitchen.

The farmhouse style is not difficult to create, since there are no right or wrong answers. This guide will help you add farmhouse décor to your kitchen cabinets.

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