3 Ways To Give Your Bathroom Remodeling Project The Wow Factor

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Bathrooms may be one of the smaller spaces in a house, but they can have a big impact on how modern and luxurious your home feels. In older homes, remodeling your bathroom can improve both the look and value of the property as a whole. Whether you're renovating with the intention to sell or you simply want to create a more enticing and attractive home environment, here are three ways to give your new bathroom the wow factor during your home remodeling.

1. Sculptural tapware

The tapware in a bathroom may not be the largest of features but it plays a big role in creating a striking and luxurious look for your vanity unit. Instead of simply thinking about function, viewing your new tapware as a sculptural feature will really lift the whole room. Great tapware can add a feeling of luxury and glamor without requiring you to spend a small fortune.

The tapware you choose will largely depend on the overall look you're trying to achieve. However, you can still add some wow factor whether your new bathroom is classically elegant, ultra-modern, or somewhere in between. You could opt for a popular metal, such as copper or bronze, or something more contemporary, such as rose gold or polished chrome.

2. Great lighting

Lighting is a very important feature in the home and helps to increase functionality as well as setting different moods for different times of the day. In other rooms of the home, a lot of thought is generally put into a great lighting plan. Unfortunately, lighting in the bathroom is often somewhat neglected, usually to the detriment of the finished room.

Great lighting in the bathroom needs to provide ample, bright light for performing your daily personal hygiene and grooming routines. It also needs to provide a soft ambiance for those times when you use your bathroom to relax and unwind. Try using two or more different types of light to provide this multi-purpose lighting in your bathroom.

3. A feature wall

Feature walls are most commonly seen in bedrooms and living rooms of the home. However, they've become increasingly popular as a design element in modern bathrooms in recent years. A feature wall will add color, texture, and visual interest into a room that is frequently quite neutral and monochromatic. Feature walls are also excellent to highlight elements such as free-standing tubs.

Feature walls can be a simple as adding a brightly hued paint to the wall. For a more visually arresting and unique look, you can also opt for high-gloss, glazed tiles in a rich and vibrant color, or ornate, patterned tiles. Another stunning option is to use sheet metal, such as copper or aluminum, which will develop a unique and beautiful patina as it ages.