Don't Think You Can Build A Guest House? 5 Things To Remember

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A guest house is a great way to make short-term and long-term guests feel more comfortable and have more privacy. But not every homeowner feels that they have the space or the budget to build one. However, you might have more options than you think. To help you find the right solution for your guests and your household, here are five things to consider. 

1. It Can Be Small

When people think of a guest house, they envision something that can house a person long-term. However, your guest house could be much more compact. The availability and popularity of tiny homes give property owners more choices than ever before.

2. It Can Be Attached

Don't have a big yard or a big budget? Remember that the guest house doesn't necessarily have to be detached. It could be a converted garage, an apartment over the garage, or a new home addition, for example. All these options can save plenty of money on the remodel and still provide a separate experience for guests. 

3. It Can Be Multi-Functional

Some homeowners hesitate to dedicate a large amount of square footage to a guest space that may not get enough use to justify its existence. Solve that problem by making yours a multi-functional space. Integrate it with a crafting workspace, a home office, sleepovers for the kids, or a library and reading nook. 

4. It Can Be a Rental

If you have the space but aren't sure that you have enough houseguests, don't overlook the possibility of rental income. Detached or not, if the guest house has its own exterior entrance and basic amenities, it can often pay for itself through short-term (or, vacation) rental income. 

5. It Can Be a Selling Point

Finally, learn more about how a self-contained guest house might boost your home value over the years. As more and more households include multiple generations, more buyers are willing to pay for a setup that already contains additional living spaces. You could get most or all of your remodeling investment back later on. 

Where to Start

Which of these reminders could help sway you toward building a guest house? No matter what your goals, your budget, your space, or your limitations, the best place to start is to meet with an experienced remodeling contractor in your area. Call today to make an appointment or learn more about the process of designing and building a guest house for all your future needs. 

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