Increase Storage around Your House with a Few Remodeling Projects

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Running out of storage inside your house can lead to clutter and discourage your family from picking up new belongings. However, you may want to continue making purchases, so you will need to find a long-term storage solution. While some people might rent a storage unit to satisfy their needs, you may prefer taking on projects throughout your home.

Hiring remodelers can help you figure out how to move forward to increase your storage space.


A clever place to add storage is beneath the stairway in a multistory home. Currently, you may not use the area under the stairs for anything. An exciting thing about adding new storage features to your home is that you can customize them to your family's liking. One option is to go with closet-style storage, which you will then need to decide on a typical or walk-in design.

A standard design is worth considering when you have limited space under the stairway. This setup will allow you to open the closet door and access everything inside. A walk-in variation can work well when the design allows your family to stand up comfortably in the closet.


Adding, changing, or expanding closets is another way to get more storage. For instance, you can add new closets in empty areas to gain concealed and dedicated storage space. Another option is to change closets by putting in permanent organization solutions.

Optimized closets make storing things from the floor to the ceiling easy. So, you can work with remodelers to change each of your closets to ensure optimal storage.


While you can use an unfinished attic for storage, you may hesitate to put most things up there because of wear, tear, and damage. A converted attic can include a central air conditioning and heating system expansion so you can keep the attic at a comfortable temperature.

Some families might want to use their attic in a more active way after the conversion. But you can still get plenty of storage with an attic closet and built-in storage solutions.


Working on multiple rooms can make a huge difference with storage capacity. An easy solution is to add more cabinets to the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms because they will help tremendously. You can also add a custom island in the kitchen with an emphasis on storage.

Boost storage around your house by hiring home remodelers for these projects. Contact a residential home remodeling service in your area to get started today.