Remodeling A Small Kitchen: 3 Things To Consider

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When remodeling a small kitchen, there seems not much to actually do unless you're renovating and expanding the whole space. Actually, there are many ways you can make your small kitchen appear both larger and more modern simply by doing the following three things.

If you're on a budget, discuss the costs of each of the following upgrades with your contractor to see which ones will work out best for you. This way, you make the most of your budget and get a great new and improved kitchen at the same time.

Glass cabinets

One of the ways you can give your kitchen a boost and make it appear larger is by replacing your solid wood cabinets with glass front ones. The glass in the front of the cabinets adds dimension and depth while allowing you to be able to see what's inside your cabinets as well. Not only are glass cabinets a great way to upgrade your small kitchen to make it feel larger, but they also add charm and value.

Sliding shelving

Where space is limited but definitely needed, you can make your kitchen more organized and create more storage space by putting in sliding shelving. While this doesn't do anything to make an already small kitchen any bigger, it goes a long way to making the space more maneuverable, which is key when dealing with and cooking in a smaller kitchen.

Half wall

You don't have to expand your kitchen to give it the illusion of depth. Simply remove a wall partway down that is not a supporting wall in the kitchen. You can turn the half wall into a breakfast bar so you can eliminate the need for a table, which can make the connected dining room feel more like it's just an extension of the kitchen.

Bonus kitchen renovations worth considering include adding a bump-out to your kitchen if your budget allows or putting in a skylight. Both of these renovations require a little bit of home remodeling but can add both value and unique allure to your smaller living space. Your kitchen remodeling contractors may share other ideas for your consideration as well.

Having a small kitchen doesn't mean you have to cook and clean in a cramped and small space. There is a lot to appreciate in a smaller kitchen and it doesn't take much to make the space really pop. Speak to your contractor to learn more about ways you can upgrade your smaller kitchen without a lot of cost or change. 

Contact a local kitchen remodeling contractor for more information.