Hire An Interior Designer To Help With Moving Into An Inherited Home

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Some people who inherit a home may decide to sell it or turn it into a rental. However, you may plan on moving into your inherited house. While you can bring all your furniture, decorations, and belongings to the new place, you might not know how to organize them inside the home.

Hiring an interior designer is worthwhile because they can help with furnishing and decorating to ensure a smooth move-in and transition.

Family Needs

Your current home's furniture and decorations may suit your family's needs. But if you move these items, the inherited home might not have similar square footage, room sizes, and room layouts to accommodate them. This means you will need to make furniture layout changes from your current home. An interior designer can make the new home work for your family.

These needs may involve children, pets, guests, and disabled individuals. Tell an interior designer about your top family needs to ensure they satisfy them while furnishing each room.

Inherited Furniture and Decorations

A difficult part of moving into an inherited home is figuring out how the existing furniture and decorations will fit in. For instance, you may feel determined to keep some or most of the items because they provide visual appeal or functionality and possess sentimental value. You may have a rich history with some items and want to keep them present in your life going forward.

An interior designer needs to know these important details because it will help them decide what to incorporate with your existing furniture and decorative pieces. Another detail to consider is whether you are open to modifying inherited items to better fit into your home.

Painting a picture frame, reupholstering a chair, or staining a table are a few modifications that can give inherited items a new look.


You may have more than enough storage in your current home because most of your furniture and decorations are in use. However, inheriting a fully furnished and decorated home can lead to storage complications because you will need to store your own and inherited items.

When an interior designer sees everything you own and what you are inheriting, they can develop storage solutions throughout the house to accommodate your storage demands.

Moving into an inherited home might be a challenge for your family in several ways. Fortunately, you can hire an interior designer to enjoy an easier move and transition.

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