Remodeling Your Kitchen For Efficiency

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When you cook in your kitchen, do you feel like you're able to do so efficiently? If you often find yourself having to open and search through multiple cabinets, run back and forth, and dash from counter to counter, then your kitchen is probably not laid out as efficiently as it could be. This is something to take into account when you remodel your kitchen. Here are some ways to make the space more efficient when remodeling.

Have the cabinets and drawers designed according to your needs.

When having a kitchen remodeled, people often pick a cabinet and drawer layout that looks nice, and then they fit their items inside those drawers and cabinets the best they can. This sometimes means having to shove appliances inside cabinets in which they barely fit or dividing similar items between several drawers. This approach does not lead to an efficient kitchen layout.

A better option is to design your kitchen drawers and cabinets to accommodate the items you already have while bearing in mind where you want to keep those items. For instance, if you have a large mixer and blender, you may want to have the cabinet next to a counter made especially large to accommodate them. If you have a lot of utensils, you may want to have two utensil drawers designed for them.

Utilize the kitchen triangle.

The "kitchen triangle" is a standby in the design world. It equates to arranging your oven, sink, and refrigerator in a triangle shape. This arrangement makes it easy for you to move between these three items while you cook and prepare food. There's lots of room for variation in how you use the kitchen triangle, but it's a good basic framework for efficiency.

Choose soft-close hinges.

Soft-close hinges allow you to mostly swing a door shut or push a drawer shut. The drawer or cabinet then closes itself the rest of the way instead of "banging" shut. Soft-close hinges are not just a fun element to include in your kitchen. They also improve efficiency. You can gently push a drawer or door shut when you're finished using it, rather than having to spend the time carefully and slowly closing the unit.

The more efficiently you can cook, the more you'll enjoy cooking. Make sure you keep efficiency in mind when working with your kitchen remodeling contractor. The advice above is a good place to start.