Three Benefits Of Metal Tiles On Your Kitchen Ceiling

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When you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you might initially consider what changes you can make to the floor, countertop, and storage space. Each of these areas is important to consider, but don't overlook the value of thinking about what's overhead, too. While there's nothing wrong with having a plain painted ceiling above your kitchen, there are several materials that can add style to this space. One popular option is metal tiles, which are available in many designs. Your kitchen remodeling contractor can install them directly over the existing ceiling. Here are some benefits of having metal tiles on your kitchen ceiling. 

Visual Warmth

There's little question that a ceiling that is covered in metal tiles can add a lot of visual warmth to your kitchen. This is an important part of your home that you likely want to have a cozy vibe, especially if you often have friends over for meals and they hang out around your kitchen while you're putting the finishing touches on the food. Certain tile materials can offer even more visual warmth, so it's useful to shop accordingly. You may find that copper tiles, for example, create more of a warm look than steel tiles.

Match With Other Elements 

Another big benefit of installing metal tiles on the ceiling of your kitchen is that they can match other elements that you have in this space. For example, if you have a tile backsplash that has a few copper-colored tiles in its pattern, copper ceiling tiles can tie in well. If you have slate-colored elements in the kitchen — perhaps your appliances are slate or maybe your countertop has this hue — metal tiles in a slate shade can be a good match.

Vintage Look

Metal tiles on a kitchen's ceiling often create a vintage look, given that this ceiling material was a popular choice in homes many decades ago. If you've been to a few historic buildings, you've likely noticed this ceiling type. If you like the idea of giving your kitchen a vintage appearance, this ceiling material can help to accomplish your goal. Your remodeling contractor can also make other vintage-inspired changes as part of the kitchen renovation. For example, they might install new cabinets that have more of a retro look, while you might even think about buying a vintage-looking refrigerator. Get in touch with a contractor who specializes in kitchens to discuss adding metal tiles to your kitchen ceiling.