What To Know About Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Bathroom remodels are a fantastic way to increase your home's value and also its livability. An updated bathroom is more than just attractive. It's also practical. When it comes to a remodel, there are a lot of decisions that you will need to make. Things like finding the right contractor and choosing a design that fits your needs are essential. Here are three things that you need to know if you are tackling a bathroom remodel.

The Right Design Is Essential

There's more to bathroom remodeling than just picking out new materials and finishes that you like. The right bathroom design is essential. You want to make sure that you are using your space efficiently and that you focus on the crucial features. Are you someone who prefers walk-in tubs, or do you prefer large showers? Depending on your square footage, some changes may be made to accommodate what's most important. Hiring a designer is the best way to get what you are looking for in your new bathroom. A bathroom designer will set you back around 10 percent of the project cost but can be well worth the money.

How Much It Will Cost

How much you pay in total for your bathroom remodel will depend on the design, the finishes and materials, and also whether or not extensive plumbing work is expected. Setting a budget and communicating with your remodeling contractor is essential. On average, most bathroom remodels will range between $6,059 and $15,144. When you are working up a budget, make sure that you also set aside a portion of it for contingencies. If something unexpected arises, you want to make sure that the entire remodel is not thrown off.

How Long It Will Take

While bathroom remodeling is a fantastic way to add value to your home, it does take time. It's important to remember that your bathroom will be out of commission during most of the remodeling process. If you only have a single bathroom in your home, you may need to make alternate living plans during the remodel. The average bathroom remodel takes just over one month. Before the remodel begins, make sure that you discuss the timeline with your contractor.

If you are looking into remodeling your bathroom, there are a few things to know. First, the right design is essential. Hiring a bathroom designer is something that you should consider. Next, the cost of your remodel will vary, but most remodels cost at least a few thousand dollars. Finally, bathroom remodeling can take upwards of a month. So be prepared for the interruption that a remodel can have. 

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