Are You Looking To Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget? Avoid These Budget Busters

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If you are looking to remodel your bathroom on a budget, there are many tips and tricks that can help you to save money. You may be staining or repainting your existing cabinets to help extend their life or you may be refinishing a sink instead of replacing it. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom on a tight budget, here are a few things that can blow your budget. Knowing what these things are can help you to avoid them, keeping your bathroom remodel affordable. 

Changing the Layout of Your Bathroom

One of the things that can quickly drive the cost of a bathroom remodel up is changing the layout of the bathroom. If you are changing the layout of the bathroom, you may have to complete demolition work, framing work and a plumber needs to be brought in to repipe your bathroom to accommodate the new layout. Repiping and replumbing your bathroom can add up quickly. As such, unless there is a flow issue in your bathroom that doesn't make sense, it is generally best to keep the same footprint for your bathroom when completing a bathroom remodeling project. 

Replacing a Bathtub

Another thing that can quickly bust your bathroom remodeling budget is replacing a bathtub. If your bathtub looks worn, dingy or dirty, resurfacing it can help it to look good as new again. Resurfacing a bathtub involves coating it with a new layer of acrylic and paint. This can chance the color of a colored bathtub or whiten an older bathtub. It also helps to hide any wear or scratches. If your bathtub is cracked or broken, resurfacing the tub may not be an option. If you are on a budget, it is important to keep in mind that it is often cheaper to frame out a larger shower than it is to replace a tub. As such, this may be a better choice if you can live without a bathtub. 

Using High-End Materials

The last thing that can bust your bathroom remodeling budget is high-end materials. Fortunately though, there are many products on the market that look identical to higher-end products. This helps you to get a look that you love at a price tag you can afford. 

When it is time to remodel your bathroom, turn to a professional bathroom remodeling service. A service can help make the most of your budget and ensure your remodeling project is properly done. Contact a remodeling service today to sit down and discuss what look you are after and how to achieve it.