Weatherproofing A Home You Have Moved Into

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If you have moved into a home in a very hot or cold region, or even in a region that deals with both temperatures at different times of the year, then you are going to want to be sure that you know all about properly weatherproofing that home. This will ensure that everyone who resides in the home is able to stay comfortable and that you won't be paying more than necessary for your heating and cooling expenses. Your doors and windows are your home's first line of defense against the outside temperatures. This article will give you helpful information you can use in order to properly use the doors and windows in order to keep your home's interior properly insulated and at the correct temperatures for optimal comfort. Here are the tips you want to keep in mind:

Make sure your doors' weather stripping is in proper shape

Your doors will have weather stripping around them that can get brittle and tear over time. If you allow this to happen, then the hot or cold weather from outside can come right through the cracks where the door and the frame have separations. If you have ever stood in front of a door when cold air comes through, then you already know what this feels like. Improper weather stripping around the door can actually let in a great deal of the heat or the coldness and make a big difference to the inside temperature, costing you more money to regulate the temperature.

Make sure the doors are in good shape

If you have any doors anywhere in the house that have damage to one side of them, this damage will make them thinner and that means you aren't going to have as much insulation between the interior of your home and the exterior. Therefore, you are going to want to be sure you plaster any holes to fix such issues. Also, if you have very thin doors, then you want to consider replacing them with ones that are thicker, which will help to give you that much more insulation.

Have dual-pane windows and sliding glass doors put in

If you have single-paned windows (windows with only one sheet of glass) then you are ending up with a lot of cold and hot air penetrating through that glass, which means you are defeating your efforts to control the temperature. Instead of doing this, only to have an uncomfortable home and pay much more on your bills, you should have all windows replaced. They should be replaced by dual-paned ones (two sheets of glass). Not only should the replacement windows be dual-paned, but the sliding glass doors should be as well. This is especially true because they are very large, which means they can cause even more issues.