3 Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Home's Old Gutters

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If you haven't replaced your gutters in the last several years, it might be time to consider doing so. Here are a few important signs to look out for that might indicate the need for new gutters:

Your Concrete Driveway is Breaking Down

If your gutters aren't functioning properly, they could be directing water toward your home's foundation and driveway instead of away from it. While your foundation is likely protected from water puddling, that extra water your gutters leak can puddle around your driveway and seep into the concrete. As time goes on, the water can damage your driveway and make it prematurely wear down.

You may notice that your concrete is cracking or crumbling due to no known cause, or that the driveway always seems damp no matter what time of year it is. These signs could indicate the need to replace your old gutters, so it's a good idea to have a service professional inspect the gutters and help you determine whether maintenance or replacements are your best option.

Your Fascia Seems to Be Rotting

Fascia helps to give our home a finished look and feel. It is designed to cover the ends of your home's rafters and creates a smooth and finished edge along the bottom or your roof. If your gutters have holes or cracks in them or are filled with dirt and debris, chances are that they aren't properly protecting your home's fascia as it should.

So if you notice that the fascia is bubbling, swelling, or getting moldy, chances are that your gutters need some attention. If cleaning them doesn't seem to result in better fascia protection, it's probably time to consider having your gutters replaced altogether.

You Haven't Maintained Your Gutters

Gutters rely on regular maintenance to perform properly and reliably. So if you haven't been maintaining your old gutters in the last several years, chances are that they've succumbed to wear and tear and they need to be replaced with new ones. Cleaning the gutters once in a while isn't enough to keep them in good shape as they age.

You need to make sure that the gutters are regularly inspected for things like leaks and the presence of pests. And the gutters may need to be patched or painted once in a while to ensure that they stay completely sealed as the years pass. So if you haven't been completing these tasks, it might be too late to start maintaining your gutters now – a gutter replacement project might be necessary.