4 Remodeling Ideas That Add Value To Any Roof Replacement Project

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Replacing the roof of your home is a maintenance cost that you are going to have to assume and pay for when the time comes. When it comes time to replace the roof of your home, this is also a good opportunity for practical remodeling improvements that add value to your roof replacement and your home. Here are some remodeling ideas that are practical and add value to any roof replacement project:

1. Balconies for Second-Story Flat Roofs to Give Your More Outdoor Living Space

Flat roofs are common with contemporary architecture, as well as for home additions. The space on flat roofs is often neglected and can easily be used. If you are replacing the roof of your home and have sections of flat or low-pitch roof slopes, this is a great place to consider adding a second-story balcony that gives you practical outdoor living space and an interesting feature to the roof design of your home. If the roof was not built to carry extra weight, you may need to talk with the roofing contractor about remodeling the structure of flat roof areas to carry the extra weight of a balcony, outdoor furniture, features and the people that will be using this outdoor space. If it is not going to be a functional space that is going to be used, railings can be added to create the appearance of a second-floor balcony.

2. Adding Architecture Details to Make Your Roof More Visually Appealing

There are also many architectural details that can be added to your home when replacing the roof. You may want to consider using different materials like metal roofing for areas of the roof that are detached from the main roof structure, such as for off-sets like breakfast nooks in kitchens or bay windows. Other architectural details with roofing can be added to areas like gable ends or adding dormers to vacant sections of roof space.

3. Covered Porches and Enclosures That Add Practicality to Outdoor Spaces

When replacing your roof and doing improvements, covered areas are simple remodeling improvements that will give your practical features. If you have free space at a front entrance, you may want to consider a covered porch that can wrap around your home. For the backyard, cover a deck or patio to create outdoor living space that you can use for entertaining during the summer months. An all-seasons room can be a good investment if you want to be able to enjoy outdoor space all year.

4. Structural Changes to Your Roof That Change the Appearance and Design of Your Home

When replacing the roofing, you may want to make structural changes that improve the design and appearance of your home. The changes can include adding different roof slopes with gables or changing simple A-frame roof designs to hip roofs. Many of these features can be integrated into other remodeling improvements, such as covered porch areas or deck and patio enclosures.

These are some roof remodeling ideas that will add value to any replacement project. If your roof is going to need replacing soon, contact a roofing contractor, such as at Altex Remodeling and Roofing, and talk with them about remodeling your roof with practical features that add real value to your home.